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1 GIF Images Sites on Sun Sep 20, 2009 9:25 am


I usually get most of the images for my GIF animations from these two sites.
The Shy-Guy Kingdom
The Spriter's Resource

I have Ubuntu Linux,so I usually save the sheet and then I open it with GIMP.Then i take my crop tool and cut out the images I'm going to use.Then I open a new image and copy and paste the images I'm going to use in order on different layers.then I save it and give it a name.if you use this method,MAKE SURE to put a ".gif" at the end of the name when you save it. Wink It would be funny if you forgot. Laughing

Please note that on the above links,the link to "The Shy-Guy Kingdom" doesn't work sometimes.

But if you work on Windows and already have an efficient way of making your GIF animations,then don't pay any attention to me. Idea

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